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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eye to Eye

We have five delightful grandchildren. Each one is unique and we love them equally.

One of our granddaughters is a beautiful, spirited and adventurous little girl. She started out in life however, with a slight impairment, in that she had ‘muffled’ hearing. Once this was diagnosed as ‘glue ear’ and treated, a whole new world opened up for her. It did however contribute to a communication difficulty. It wasn’t always apparent, but often she would retreat into a world of her own.

Her caring parents did all they could to help her with this. One of the ways they used, was when they needed to talk with her, they would say ‘eyes!’, meaning ‘look at me, look into my eyes!’ They knew then that they would have her attention and would be able to hold a meaningful conversation.

When we look into Father’s eyes, we are immediately arrested by two things. Firstly: we experience a look of total unconditional love and acceptance. Secondly: we feel that He can see right inside us, our heart is laid bare. We cannot hide and we just want to tell it how it is.

I feel shaky inside Father

Not sure about the future
Don’t about tomorrow

or how I will make out

The only thing I’m certain about

is now, right now

just being with you

I feel safe.

You warm my heart my son

Trust me

I’ll work miracles for you

I’ll move heaven and earth for you.

"- open your eyes and see-- how good GOD is. Blessed are you who run to him." Psalm 34:8The Message Bible


  1. Mulled Vine said...

    I really needed this today. Thank you.

    My daughter just missed the cut off for her 11+ exam for grammar schools here in Kent and we've been agonising about why this has happened and what to do.

  2. wayfarerjon said...

    I pray that Father God will move heaven and earth for your family right now! His wisdom, His provision!

  3. Mulled Vine said...

    Thank you. BTW I really love the drawing.

  4. Mike said...

    Thos words spoke right to me. Thank you.