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Friday, May 23, 2008

Essential Church

Something different today! No scripture, just a sort of quiz that may promote a few thoughts. Take part on your own or with others. Forgive me if you've seen something like this before.

Imagine there is no Christian church in your area and you are going to decide the elements that are absolutely essential for one to be started. In other words, those things that you consider of paramount importance for it to be a church.

Choose from my suggestions below. Delete those you consider unimportant and tick those that are essential or even add some of your own. From your short list, try to reduce it to as few items as you can.

Suggested list to choose from:

Ordained pastor/minister - a church building - comfortable seating - people - coffee facilities - Bibles/the scriptures - elders - overhead projector - secretary - committee - a bishop - printed order of service - adequate parking facilities - a baptistry - prayer group - rules of membership - a youth leader - outreach mission - the Risen Christ - sacraments - musicians - an altar - programme of social events - hymn books - a choir - shared lunches - links with other churches

How do you feel about your list? Is it the kind of church you would feel comfortable in? If you are in a church at present, how does it compare? If you would like to share your answers, let me know and post a comment. I may even declare my answers?


  1. Lucinda said...

    My essential church: Risen Christ and Holy Spirit, prayer group, love and warmth shown to each other among gathers, Communion served weekly, outreach mission, a sermon and altar call, altar made easy for knelling prayer, music.Those are the basics. Thank you for this opportunity to ponder.I am now going to post this on my blog and link readers back to you. Again, thanks for the good ponder time!

  2. wayfarerjon said...

    Many thanks Lucinda for your comments on my thought-provoking list. I appreciate your views. For myself, I put the following as the most basic essentials:

    The Risen Christ, the Bible the Word of God and People with an outward looking vision. The rest comes some way down the list. if at all.