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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Give Me a Hug

Touch is important. Even simple fingertip contact can often convey far more than many words. I like to touch, but don't do it enough, perhaps because I don't want to offend or give the wrong impression. A neighbour of ours had recently lost his wife. I could see he was crying inside and I felt like crying with him - perhaps I should have? After a few words, I touched him on the shoulder, didn't know what else to do, but I hope it conveyed what I felt.

I like to be touched, but in the right way. I am a six-footer, but there are several larger people I can think of, who can make me flinch. There's a real beefy he-man who sometimes squeezes the living daylights out of me and a large well-endowed woman who held me so tight, I felt smothered and gasped for breath.

It’s a warming thing to share a brotherly or sisterly embrace, but we need to be sensitive to the other and their needs. Sometimes, it's seems like a ritual and can give people the impression that unless you hug you are not a real Christian.

Some years ago in our little village church, the minister decided to introduce a slot in the service where we could greet one another and share the love of Christ. I welcomed this and remember holding out my hand to the church steward. He froze on the spot, as if to say "Shake hands in church? What next?" To the other extreme, we have been in churches when, at the appropriate time, all mayhem is let loose as people clamber over chairs to anyone and everyone.

We can learn from Father. His touch is always just right. He knows what we need. There have been times, when I've have felt in need and have said "Father just hold me" He has done so with such a light touch. Rather like a child sitting on Father's knee. His arm ever-so-lightly around the shoulders, giving the freedom to linger or go.

Lets be bold and sensitive. Perhaps there is just one person waiting for the right Jesus-touch today?

"Greet one another with a holy embrace." 2 Corinthians 13:12


  1. Mulled Vine said...

    Back in South Africa, hugs at church were common place. Here in England, not so. Scary thing is I've lived here so long that I flinch when people touch me.

    Within my family however I am very BIG on hugs as an importan expresson of love.

  2. wayfarerjon said...

    I don't think you can overdo hugs in the family!

  3. Mike said...

    That gentle touch can mean so much. I have memories of such things... from many years ago.

  4. Tamela's Place said...

    May we always be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and offer that special hug or touch, it may mean the difference between life and death for some as well as a test on our part.

    Not long ago there was a homeless lady who came to a church we use to attend. It was a ladies conference and i was one of the greeters at the door. We were told specifically that we were to receive the tickets at the door and that they could not come into the church without one, i thought to myself, "How rude!" what if someone comes who doesn't have a ticket for whatever reason.

    When the homeless lady approached the door, of course i knew that she wouldn't have a ticket but I asked her any ways just in case someone might of gave her one. She told me that she didn't have a ticket, so being the renegade that i am I lovingly stroked her back and said, "come on in I will find you a seat."

    The conference leader approached me and asked if she had a ticket. I said, "No she doesn't but she should be allowed to attend anyways." I usually just say what i think, sometimes it gets me in a lot of trouble though. I am still seeking some wisdom from the Lord in that area LOL! He is very patient with me. Thank you Jesus!

    Well anyways, i had found out later that it was all a set up and the homeless lady was the plant.

    We all had volunteered our positions and I love to greet so I chose to greet the people coming in the door. The test was whether we were going to reach out in love and welcome others despite their appearance and not having a ticket.

    Well! Praise be to God i passed the test! I think the conference leader was a little upset though, i think deep down she was hoping that the test would not be passed.

    I ruined her whole message. She was wanting to hammer the people about not loving and accepting others So it totally caught her off guard and messed her message all up.

    Maybe it was supposed to be the message for herself!

    God is so good!

  5. wayfarerjon said...

    What a marvellous story! You could make that a post on your blog - or perhaps you already have done?

  6. Tamela's Place said...

    Ya know, i think i will make that a post.. I just never really thought of that.. Thanks wayfarerjon.