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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pen of a Ready Writer

My wife and I have been invited to a special birthday celebration for the wife of a couple that were very much a part of our Christian walk 10 to 15 years ago. They asked us if possible to bring a photograph of us taken at the time when we first met.. In a search for the dates I reached for one of my old prayer journals.

I kept a very full journal in those days and as I read I became engrossed in all the detail. It spoke of struggles and stumbling and of lots of Christian activity. There was also a common thread running all the way through, of being drawn into intimacy with Father.

This led me on to considering where I am with the Lord now, after all those years. I was both encouraged and challenged.

I have ‘moved on’ since then and am more surrendered and settled inside, with less hang-ups, but still aware of some of the old persistent weaknesses lurking at times. In other words I am more aware of who I am and free to be me. The old difficulties are in the past; I’ve just got a whole load different ones and more so. This means I am much more reliant on Jesus than ever. The challenge is greater. But this is the main difference - He means more to me now than ever, He is all I need.

I just want to be wholly available to Him and be the ‘pen of a Ready Writer.’

It does help to look back with Father now and again and consider and take stock.

Where are you now?

"My tongue will be the pen of a ready writer
And what the Father gives to me I'll sing
I only want to be His breath
I only want to glorify the King"
from “I Hear the Sound of Rustling”
by Ronnie Wilson

“My heart overflows with a good theme; I address my verses to the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Psalm 45:1


  1. Mike said...

    It's wonderful to be able to say that! I pray that I am more surrendered to Jesus now, although some struggles seeem harder as the years go by. Blessings :)

  2. Greg said...

    One thing about salvation is that we cannot stay in the same place very long. We either get closer to Jesus, or we stray farther from Him. Although I have always followed Him, since getting saved, in times when I get too busy with life, I don't feel as close to Him. Jesus-centric blogging and reading my Bible keep me focused on Him and make me feel like I'm actually improving my relationship with my Saviour. :)

  3. Mikes@Your Daily Word said...

    visiting your site sir. thanks for the inspiration!