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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Parallel Paths

We’ve not long returned home from a delightful week, staying with one of our families and enjoying time with our grandchildren.

They are all so different; each one so unique! The eldest is fearless, loving and so talented and enthusiastic. I can just picture her as an actress on the stage or an Olympic ice skater. Her sister is more of an academic and I can already see the beginnings of a teacher in her, possibly? The little one is so quick to learn and is picking up much by copying her older sisters - the good and not so good! She is already displaying a determination and independence. They get on well together, but occasionally the spectre of jealousy raises its head to spoil the harmony.

We are pleased to see that although their parents are bringing them up with love and discipline, but at the same time they are encouraging and nurturing their individuality and special talents. I just pray that as they grow up, their adventurous spirits will not be crushed. Also, I hope they will resist the peer pressures to conform, so that they will dare to become the people that God has made them to be.

Isn’t it like this within the Church? As Christians we all have the same heavenly Father and are treading the same journey of faith. We are all going the same way, but because we are all different, we walk along parallel paths of discovery. Sometimes, other church members may feel threatened by such individuality and there may be a perceived pressure to conform. Some leaders may even feel their positions threatened by this apparent threat to the status quo.

Rather than feeling fearful of such people, we should embrace the difference that makes up the whole. We don't have to copy each other, or even agree, but we do need to love and accept.

Vive la difference!

"We have many parts in the one body, and all these parts have different functions. In the same way, though we are many, we are one body in union with Christ, and we are all joined to each other as different parts of one body." Romans 12:4-5 Good News Bible


  1. Greg said...

    Hi! Sorry I haven't been around much; my attention's been very divided lately.

    While I generally agree with your point, we must remember that, as Christians, we should be living by the Word of God. Outright sin or rebellion should never be accepted.

    Acceptance, tolerance, and diversity have become bad words to me, because they are generally abused by the secular left, to push God and morality out of the public view. On the surface, they sound good, but the result has been less than Godly.

    It is important for Christians to encourage and support each other, not for the sake of acceptance or even to exert authority over others, but in a spirit of meekness and God's perfecting love.

  2. wayfarerjon said...

    Yes, I agree with your first paragraph. Jesus loved the sinner but hated the sin - He showed true acceptance - and I believe that should be our attitude.

    In my walk with Jesus I am getting to know Him better and at the same time finding out more about who I am. The two go together. I am daring to be me - how God made me to be - and that can be challenging to myself and others. I used to find it was easier to conform to how others say I should be and avoid confrontation. But that would not be true to myself or God.

  3. VERSEODE said...


    You gaze upon anothers walk
    Wishing you could emulate
    Everything they're seen to do
    Wow, amazing, they're so great
    Must be something that they eat
    Tuned in closely to their Lord
    I will never be like them
    Have to try and get on board.

    Give up now and be yourself
    Unique creation, please be real
    Follow Him just like a sheep
    Then your gifts He will reveal
    You were made to touch the hearts
    Of those who watch your every move
    Keep your blinkered eyes on Him
    There is nothing left to prove.