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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Marking Time?

I’ll always remember the day I completed my basic military training with the passing out parade. We felt so proud in our best uniforms, marching in unison and absolute precision, with the band leading the way. However, it took many gruelling hours of square bashing to reach that point.

We were some of the last to be called up for compulsory army service. You could say we were the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel; a right mixture of the long and short, fat and thin. Our drill sergeant was determined to whip us into one homogenous shape, whatever it took. He was in his element on the parade ground, shouting out. “Lerft, lerft, lerft right lerft - ! Whenever he wasn’t satisfied with our performance - and that was often - he would order us to mark time, while he closely scrutinised each recruit. I tried to keep a low profile, but being tall that didn’t last long. He soon had me out front, marking time on the spot, with perspiration pouring down my face.

No, I didn’t like marking time. It was uncomfortable, without purpose and it seemed we just weren't getting anywhere.

In the Christian walk there is no place for marking time, it’s part of God’s law of nature that we are changing, growing and moving on. We may feel we are physically occupied and active, but in God’s terms we could be standing still. You can almost guarantee that the moment we feel we have arrived, it’s time to move on.

After three months of being slowed right down with illness, I’m having to get my muscles going again and I am finding that’s painful. I don’t like the discomfort, but I don’t want to lose what I have. I know if I want to move on I need just the right amount of exercise each day and this also applies to the spiritual. Thankfully, I can already look back and see some progress.

I believe God often allows situations in our lives to get us back in step with Him. It may seem that nothing is happening and from our viewpoint we are marking time. The longer it goes on, the more restless we become, until he really does have our attention. Then, as we flex our spiritual muscles and begin to see things from God’s perspective, we change our thinking, plug into His power and start to move into the new.

"Change your life, God's Kingdom is here." Matthew 3:2 The Message Bible

If you havn't done so already, I urge you to read the poetry in VERSEODIUM - God has really gifted Mike. His poetry really cuts the ice with a powerful simplicity.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi Jon,I have been marking time for ages and am happy to wait for the right place.As you know,my poems are used on four websites and various other sites and I thank God for the gift He has given me.You too have a gift and I get a lot out of your blogs.So we may be doing what He wants us to do anyway.God Bless you,Mike.

  2. Rajeev Muralidharan said...

    Hi Jon,

    Enjoyed reading your latest post. I've been thro' and still goin' thro God's sanctification in His time.

    Do visit my blog when you get a chance.


  3. Anonymous said...

    Hi from Georgia USA Jon, I am a first time visitor to your site. For the past 7 years I have been from one spiritual battle to another. Sometimes it feels like I am not "marking time" but losing ground. As I look back over these years I can see, though, that God has been growing me during these battles. Keep listening to the Holy Spirit and flowing in his work!

    Blessings Dave