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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being an Example

I've never seen myself as a preacher or a teacher, although I have tried both. One thing I discovered, from the limited feedback I received, was that the things listeners often picked up on and remembered, were not what I intended. Or could be something I had slipped in as an afterthought or even totally unrelated..

I also realised that it's not always the words, important as they may be, that make the difference. It's more the spirit in which we speak. If we are talking out of heaviness or bitterness or anger, then that is most likely what is received; not the message we chose. On the other hand if we are so full of joy and love, that's what will come over.

It's the same with children, my wife and I soon discovered that they didn't always do what we said, but what we did! In their early childhood they copied us. They have children of their own now and we are proud of them.

We live in a small village where we are seen everyday and news travels fast. It's a bit like living in a fish bowl. I may have a Christian fish symbol on the car, I may even speak of my God, but it noted whether we live up to what we say we believe. People want to see the fruit on the tree. You don't think anyone is really listening or cares what we believe, but then suddenly one day, you are asked a pressing question, because they know who to come to.

When I decided to write on the verse below I was challenged. It's a very sobering thought that it's our attitude and the way we are, that shows the difference. On the other hand it's also a comfort. God is in the changing business. All we have to do is be ourselves and allow God into every area of our lives to change us. And then He works through us to change others. It's all God.

"- be an example for the believers in your speech, your conduct, your love, faith, and purity." 1 Timothy 4:12 Good News Bible


  1. Kristine G said...

    hi, thanks for sharing this. To be honest, I've been looking for examples to follow (for almost a lifetime!:)) rather than being one. Sometimes I realize that it's much more easier to talk than to do:).
    but thank Him that 'God is in changing business'. I agree. I'll challenge myself to be one He can use to change others, too.
    Thank you. Great insight!

  2. Shelly said...

    You perfectly described "denying thyself". It is so hard to be like Jesus!! But remembering how He shows us grace when we in no way deserve it helps humble us. I see that in you, trying to follow Him no matter what. He sees your heart, and fortunately, that is what really counts.