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Friday, July 11, 2008

Just Do It!

We have just returned from a week away at a Christian retreat. Apart from anything spiritual, it was so good to get away from routine, relax in beautiful surroundings and be catered for. There were some fixed teaching and prayer sessions, but I had no fixed agenda and I was open to what God wanted to show me. I am never surprised at the ways and means He uses to get through to me.

This is just one simple example from the time:

One morning we were outside the conference room waiting for our session. Rather than walk round to the main entrance we waited at the side doors. We knew the doors would be opened as soon as they were finished inside and ready for us. We chatted amongst ourselves for a while, until we realised that it was past the start time and the doors were still closed. Almost as an afterthought, I suggested we try the doors and look inside. As we nudged them open, we saw that nearly everyone was seated and ready to start.

The double doors were plain white and very big - the biggest I had ever seen - but the shiny brass door knob was tiny. One slight smooth turn of the knob and all was revealed and began to happen. Now you may think so what? But I knew this was significant.

How many times have we believed for something we have longed for, prayed for, but have waited for God or someone else to act and make it happen? When all the time God was waiting for us to make an initial move of faith. It may be a very small action, but it would release the power of God in the situation.

I know the key to this, is keeping a close walk with Father, but there are times when we dither. There was a time when I knew it was right to move my mother from the other side of the country, into a nursing home near us. I wasn't sure what to due and waited and delayed any decision and of course God knew this. With this on my mind, I was driving along one day, when I saw a poster in the rear window of the car in front, saying "Just Do It!" And so I did and after that first action everything unfolded without a hitch.

"- faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." James 2:17 New International Version


  1. Liara Covert said...

    One spiritual retreat I experienced was on an island off southern France. The monestrary was completely self-sufficient with abundant gardens and fruit trees. I recall the meals consumed in silence except for the most peaceful music of Pachabel Canon with ocean sounds. The serenity, love and simplicity of that place resonated far beyond the island. You were with others and felt an invisible connection to strangers. It was memorable.

  2. wayfarerjon said...

    I can just imagine being there as I read your comment. Sounds a very healing place! Thank you.