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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Strike While the Iron's Hot!

I find that God's opportunities for blessings and spiritual growth rarely come according to my planning. They are usually least expected and at times even inconvenient.

Have you ever been woken in the night with feelings of anxiety or worry and had difficulty getting off to sleep again? I went through a period like that. At first I would switch the light on and read for a while or just bury my head in the bedclothes to blot out the feelings. My reasoning was, that I would deal with the matter in the morning. Come the morning and it was never quite the same of course. The moment had gone and the energy dissipated. I would still pray, but often the full potential for blessing had been missed.

I learned the hard way - is there another way? - to seize the moment. If anxiety began to surface, I dealt with it there and then. I would invite Jesus into the situation and feel the feelings with Him. Amazing to see how the fear melts away and no longer has a hold. If I felt I was being oppressed, I'd get out of bed and deal with it in prayer. The enemy doesn't go to bed, but neither does God and His power is awesome. I can't say it always works, but more often than not I sleep better afterwards. More importantly, there's another victory realised.

The other evening, when I was really tired after a hard day, my wife started to share a matter that had come to her. It was really important, God had revealed something to her and I listened the best I could and we talked about it. She asked if we should pray there and then, but I was so tired. I thought we would be more effective in the morning, after a night's sleep. Morning came and the energy was gone, we had missed the moment until next time.

Seize the moment of opportunity, flow with the move of the Holy Spirit and know God's blessing.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:" Ecclesiastes 3:1 New International Version