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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Foot in Both Camps?

Before our children finally flew the nest, we had a last holiday together. We hired a large brand new motor cruiser on the Norfolk Broads, an inland network of rivers, waterways and lakes on the east coast of England. I was in my element as captain of the motley crew, embarking on an adventure into the unknown. Each day we explored new territory and savoured the delights of the scenery and wildlife and enjoyed being together.

It took a while to learn the ropes and get used to handling the craft. One day, after we had spent an hour or so on dry land, our daughter assisted in casting off the moorings, while I took the helm. She had the last rope in her hands and rather than place both feet on the deck, she kept one on the quayside. As the boat slid away from the side she just fell into the water. We promptly fished her out of the mirky shallows and after she had cleaned up we had a good laugh.

The Gospel message is black or white, yes or no, death or life, we are either in the Kingdom of God or out, in the dark or in the light, there is no in between. Christ may be somewhere in our lives, but is he in charge? We cannot have a foot in both camps or we will eventually end up in the mire.

What stops us allowing Jesus to be Lord over our lives? Why do we keep one foot on dry land even though there is an inner longing to be aboard? Do we feel too comfortable where we are, are we fearful of the unknown, afraid of losing friends, is it intellectual pride, the risk of losing too much?

Whatever it is that we are hanging onto, we need to let it go, take Jesus's hand and jump on board with both feet. Then the adventure really begins!

"He who is not with me is against me -" Matthew 12:30 New International Version