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Monday, January 21, 2008

Standing In The Gap

I felt challenged this morning and will share my thoughts with you.

All over the world there is strife. In Africa and the Far East hundreds of thousands are being driven from their homes, many are massacred or tortured. Many more are facing starvation, even though there is enough food in the world. Human rights are being ignored or flouted and the environment is being ravaged and destroyed because of ignorance or greed. Despite scientific progress we just have not learned to live with one another.

Closer to home, financial institutions are under strain and there is the ever-present threat of terrorism and the fear that generates. The gap between rich and poor grows greater and the gradual decline of moral values is evident.

The whole world is in desperate need, but God has the answer. He is the answer, but when He sees the inactivity of His people He must weep. Although He is a God of love He must be angry.

What is my response to this? I can't just say it's not my fault or stand idly by as if it's nothing to do with me. I can donate to charity agencies and missions and feel that I have done all I can. I may even join in the prayers at church and help out in money-raising activities. But is that enough?

There is a gap between God and the world in desperate need and He waits for us to fill that gap.

I may not be called to take the Gospel to Outer Mongolia but I can pray. Prayer is extremely powerful. There is a battle going on in the world between good and evil, that cannot be won by military might. Scripture says so and history proves so. The tide was turned in the Second World War in Europe through prayer. The fall of communism in the Soviet Union was brought about through prayer. I have experienced or witnessed remarkable answers to prayer in my life and in others.

In the community at home where I live I may help out where I can and extend the hand of friendship. But do I really pray for change? Am I prepared to spend more time seeking Father's heart for those people? If necessary will I speak of the hope I have within me and will I confront evil? This means I must mean business with God and repent of any half-heartedness and unbelief.

Who is there to stand in the gap and be available to God to make a difference?

"I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land - " Ezekiel 22:30 New International Version


  1. Daldianus said...

    Why does your God allow Evil again?

  2. wayfarerjon said...

    Much has been written on this subject alone! As a simple non-theologian, my short answer is: Man, us, we have messed up. You could say God took a risk in giving us the freedom to choose: our DIY way or His. He doesn't want a puppet on a string, He does not force us, but like a loving Father, longs for us to come to Him as a response to His love. This does not answer why there are natural disasters etc. of course.

    The question remains: where do we stand? What is our response to the sin in our own lives and the evil around us? There is no middle way - for or against!

  3. desmond said...

    Hey, i've got a friend who posted me with a reply asking me.Why is there stil poverty and all around the world esp. Africa..

  4. wayfarerjon said...

    Thyank you Deesmond. Perhaps there is so much poverty because of man's greed and indifference and also because of government corruption is some countries? It is notable that Christianity is very strong and powerful in some African countries.

  5. desmond said...

    ok thanks...may God bless you with all the writings that u have on this blog...