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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Make Way, Make Way

I was a construction engineer and did my bit to help build one of the most important motorways in the country. It was a mammoth task which involved cutting a way through hills and laying a road over the peaty depths of the plains.

The rock material was removed using massive excavators and explosives, hauled for miles by earthmoving machinery and spread on the valley floor further down the line. More crushed stone was brought in by fleets of trucks and piled on top. Then, after months of waiting for settlement to take place, considerable rolling, grading and checking with surveying instruments, the tarmacadam surface was laid. Finally the whole length of the route was cleaned and checked over before the grand opening.

Today, thousands of motorists flow along the highway every year. As they admire the stunning panoramic views of the countryside, they are probably unaware of the work that had gone into the preparation and building of the project.

Sometimes there are blockages in our lives that stop us moving forward. Such things as unforgiveness or bitterness, deep emotional wounds, unhelpful habits, overly dependant attachments to something or somebody, are just a few examples. These things can disable us and block the flow of God's life and love in our lives. If we really long to be back in God's flow, we can ask God to show us what they are - and I have found that he never confuses us, there's usually just one thing He has his finger on - we can bring it into the light for Him to remove, cleanse and heal.

"Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people." Isaiah 57:14 New International Version