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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Child Play

“I assure you that whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it." Mark 10:15 GNB

During childhood there’s born in each of us a sense of wonder, beauty and adventure. I discovered however that this spark can be dimmed or submerged under years of daily routine and life’s pressures.

I asked a friend what he would do if given a whole day just for himself. After considerable thought he was stumped for an answer. Another, when asked what he did for recreation, replied that as a Christian he’d died to all that sort of thing! I was puzzled by his reply and felt sad, as I thought I could join him in a common pursuit.

I once made a list of things I really liked doing. Simple things like rowing a boat, paddling in rock pools, messing with paints, playing the piano, flying a kite, blowing the seeds off a dandelion head ... I reached twenty items and as I kept writing, tears began to flow. I had touched in on a need. I hadn’t experienced some of those things since childhood.

I decided to work through the list and hired a mountain bike on the High Peak Trail, a disused rail track in the hills of one of our National Parks. I felt self conscious at first; as a vintage learner with expert youngsters looking on. That was soon forgotten though, as I cycled through a tunnel and rattled through ravines. I paused on a viaduct to admire the panoramic view and was overcome with joy. It was as if Father God, ‘my Daddy’ was smiling with me all the way. It was powerful stuff, helping to rekindle my God-given heart desire.

Your list may be different to mine, but don’t lose the spark from childhood.