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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Throw them Overboard

“The violent storm continued, so on the next day they began to throw some of the ship's cargo overboard ..” (Acts 27:18 GNB)

Although I am no sailor, I have a love of boats and anything to do with the water. My wife and I often refer to one of our favourite paintings. It’s depicts an open sailing boat with an large orange mainsail, creaming along in a turquoise frothy sea. A couple - that’s us - are seated in the stern, relaxed and confident, looking into the sun, as they sail into the wide blue yonder.

It’s a beautiful picture and speaks to me of effortless adventure. The adventurers are fully yielded to God in complete trust. They are secure in the knowledge that He is in absolute control of their lives and will get them to their destination.

This idyllic scene can change when the weather turns stormy, the waves become threatening and fear knocks at the door of our hearts. If you are anything like me you may be tempted to make your own plans, just in case things don’t work out. This could be analagous to towing a lifeboat behind us and filling the boat with unnecessary cargo for comfort and life preservation. The problem with that is, it just serves to slow the boat down or at worst even sink it.

We can carry cargoes like old habits, old ways, giving importance to material possessions, anything that can take our eyes of the Master Mariner and water down our trust in Him. Let’s throw them overboard and cut free.