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Friday, May 30, 2008

Control and Dominance

The seagulls are back on our roof and with a vengeance! It's not that I don't like the birds, I think they are a beautiful part of the seaside scene, but preferably not nesting on our roof!

They regard the area as their own territory and guard it jealously, especially when the chicks are about to hatch. Our garden slopes above the height of the roof and when I appear they squawk like mad and go on the attack, missing me by inches. When I was up a ladder, painting the front of our house, they dive-bombed me so much, that I had to wear a hard hat - safety helmet- to protect myself from their deadly beaks. They obviously feel vulnerable up there with their young and will go to any lengths to keep us away.

I sometimes wonder if any of us are like those seagulls. Do we behave in a way that keeps people away from those parts of us that are vulnerable and tender? We can do this by staying in control of conversations or making sure we are the dominant partner in a relationship or in any other way that keeps people at arms length. The problem then is that others don't get to know us and we don't get to know them.

If we are like this with people, then surely we will be the same in our relationship with God? We could be saying to Him, "You can have any part of me, but please don't go there!" If we keep God at a distance, not allowing Him full control over our lives, we miss out. But Jesus is gentle and knows us so well. We can trust Him with those scary places. When we allow Him into our inner pain, he will cleanse and heal and lift the shame.

When we know who we are in Christ, we can dare to allow others close, without shame or fear.

"I ask God from the wealth of his glory to give you power through his Spirit to be strong in your inner selves," Ephesians 3:16 New International Version