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Friday, March 21, 2008

Do We Really Need God?

In thinking about what to write this morning and what could be the most important thing to say, I am reminded of a time when I worked in a large organisation.

I was asked to show a young graduate around. He was keen and intelligent and I took an instant liking to him. I even taught him to play squash and within a few weeks he was beating me every time. It was obvious that losing was just not in his vocabulary, he had to win. He was self-assertive and confident, had high moral values and was well thought of within the company. In a few years he had overtaken me and actually became my boss for a time.

One evening, I had been working later than usual and was clearing up my things ready to go home, when he called me into his office. I remember feeling it was inconvenient and hoped it wouldn't take long as I was tired. He came straight out with it and asked me how you become a Christian. My thoughts of leaving vanished at that moment and I did my best to answer his question. I wasn't sure whether my explanation was getting through to him, so in the end I just said that Jesus meets us at our point of need. His replied that his problem was, that he had no needs. I'm not sure how that left him, but I held him in my prayers.

During the next few years I saw little of him. We both got promoted, but he soared up into the higher echelons of the company and became a success story. Then one day I was given the news he had died of cancer. This really upset me as it was a tragic loss of such a successful young man. I didn't know how it had been for him in those last days, but hoped that he had met with his Maker.

God loves us so much that He poured Himself out for us. He came right down to our level and made Himself as nothing. When Jesus died on the cross, it was thought He had failed, it was all over. But in truth God had won the victory, it was just the beginning.

When we admit to spiritual poverty it's not a sign of failure, but of strength. We come into the Kingdom by realising our need of God. Our need grows as we progress in our knowledge and love of Him, such that we cannot live without Him. That's the way we are made. That's the way of abundant life.

"Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!" Matthew 5:3 The Good News Bible