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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Are You Saying - ?

The following statement may be acceptable to most people, even though it is challenging. This may be particularly so, if like me, you were brought up with a strong work ethic, even believing you will only get ‘somewhere’ by your own efforts.

The Kingdom of God is a magnificent thing, more valuable than anything we could ever own. If this is what we desire then we must be prepared to give up some things that are standing in the way. This is true, but I believe there is a truer interpretation of the verse quoted at the bottom of this post.

Are you saying to me that Someone

has been seeking me out all this time

and watching over me all these years
because he wants me more than anything else,

wants to lavish his love upon me for ever and ever

and has given up all that is precious, even his life?

For me?

Are you saying to me that this Someone

has a great longing for me and

thinks I am amazingly beautiful and lovable,

a rare treasure beyond compare?

What me?

With all my defects, warts, ugly thoughts and failings?

This is too hard for me to understand

I just can’t get my head round it.

But somehow, it touches something deep down within me

more than I can say.

I ---

"Also, the Kingdom of heaven is like this. A man is looking for fine pearls, and when he finds one that is unusually fine, he goes and sells everything he has, and buys that pearl.” Matthew 13:45-46 Good News Bible