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Monday, December 03, 2007

I Am the Lord Who Heals You

I find that healing is often a topic for discussion amongst Christians, with far-ranging views expressed. When however, we or a loved one are in need it becomes more personal, even desperate, a matter for action rather than thinking.

It's when we expose our 'wound' and bring it into God's loving presence that He can get to work. I have experienced emotional healing when traumas in my life have been transformed into a blessing and no longer have a hold over me and I have witnessed others enter into such life-changing freedom. I have also known physical healing.

One day I rather foolishly tried to do two things at once. I was carrying our heavy grandson in one arm, while trying to open and close the spring-loaded tailgate of our car with the other. Somehow my hand got in the way as the tailgate came slamming down on my finger, steel edge against bone. I put the boy down and instinctively held my finger up to Father, reaching out to Him in desperation, from the depths of my being. My wife was also praying. It looked ugly and the pain was excruciating, but after ascertaining nothing was broken, I wrapped it round with a wet cloth and tried to stay focussed on Father.

After an hour or so, the pain had eased considerably and when I uncovered the finger, it appeared completely normal as if nothing had happened. Days later there was no sign of bruising. You can imagine my gratitude.

So after all the prayer, why hasn't He healed me of chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.) for which there is no medical cure? One thing for certain was that He had my attention as never before as I embarked on a journey where I wanted answers. I found there were steps to take, things to relinquish and ways to change. I can look back and apart from being stronger now, there has been a welcome change emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so I can see the benefits. His healing is ongoing and I am expectant for more. I may still have an illness but the illness does not have me.

I believe what God says in His word and have no doubt that Jesus heals today. Healing - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual - is all part of the salvation package, you can't separate it. Whether it's instant or long delayed, He is committed to healing us through and through in His way and in His time.

"I am the LORD, who heals you." Exodus 15:26 New International Version