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Friday, October 19, 2007

Obeying God's Voice

Hearing God's voice, whether a timely 'prompt' or something more important, is a very precious thing. I would urge you, when this happens to you, take it seriously. Be sure what it means and obey without further delay.

There was a time when I only wish I had done so. It would have saved me a lot of strife and heartache. It was at a time when I was seeking the way forward for myself and was praying with a small group. Someone I hadn't met before described a 'picture' for me. I knew instantly that it was for me and felt it was an answer to what I had been seeking. I didn't understand it though and others in the group were not sure. After several weeks of turning it over in my mind I let it go. God didn't let it go though! He was patient and knew what was in my heart.

Two years later He spoke again and gave me the grace to obey and my life returned to harmony with God and His purposes for me. Some I know seem to have a hot line to God and others find hearing from God a rare thing. Of course God speaks to us in a variety of ways. It may be a special verse that seems to leap out from the Bible, it may come through some other Christian or be a faint whisper in the stillness. Whatever the way, when it happens we need to check it out with scripture and make sure we understand. If it is important, ask a trusted friend and keep seeking God until you have the answer.

Obeying God's intsruction always brings rest and peace in our hearts.

"This is what the scripture says: "If you hear God's voice today, do not be stubborn, as your ancestors were when they rebelled against God." Hebrews 3:15 Good News Bible