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Monday, August 06, 2007

Be Still!

"Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10 ESV)

When I was in a high-pressure job, I really looked forward to vacation time. Once we’d arrived at our destination and I was seated by the pool, the relief was evident. It took several days however, before I even began to relax, let alone be quiet inside. When I retired I discovered something else. I made my own stress, so couldn’t blame it all on my work. The need was still there.

Jesus had to get away from the demands made upon him. If he needed to get alone with his Father, then surely we do too? So often it’s hard to find quality time in our daily schedule, when ‘busyness’ seems to take over. We become in danger of just giving lip service to our precious relationship. Perhaps making do with a few hurried prayers, thinking we’ll leave the rest for later. But ‘later’ never happens!

It can take effort to be still, I mean really still in our thoughts, feelings and body. It can seem like the whole world wars against it. But I find, as we lay aside our agendas, and keep looking to Him, the thoughts and problems grow dim and fade away. When we eventually get ‘there’ and become quieted within our very being, it becomes effortless. It’s then when we are left with just the real presence of God.

This is the place where, for a moment, we can soar on the mountain tops, find out who we really are and even hear his voice. There may be none of this, but above all else we know that we know, He is God. Words cannot describe it. But the very silence declares “I am God” and our hearts cry out for Him.